Scriptural Convitictions

At Spotswood we believe in the inerrant Word of God and strive for complete obedience to Him. The policies concerning weddings conducted in our facility are based on the following Scriptural convictions. For more in depth  explanations please obtain a complete copy of the GuideBook from the church office. 

  • Our pastors will marry those people who have personally accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and can give adequate testimony of their experience with Him.
  • Our pastors will not marry a believer with an unbeliever.
  • The question of divorce is perhaps the most difficult and complex question regarding a new marriage. Many believers in Christ have been divorced. Our pastors are under no obligation to marry anyone, but we are open to counsel those who choose to marry. Every situation will be treated individually and with compassion
  • Our pastors will not marry couples who are living together prior to the marriage ceremony. 

General Policies

  • Only Christian marriages will be performed at Spotswood.
  • All couples to be married at Spotswood will be required to attend and complete the premarital counseling class Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts.
  • It is required that the wedding be on the church calendar 3 months prior to the wedding ceremony. The church will not calendar a wedding more than 9 months prior to the ceremony. 
  • If you or any member of your immediate family are members of Spotswood you may be married at Spotswood.
  • While ordained ministers at Spotswood are available to perform weddings, schedules may preclude a particular pastor from performing your wedding. Should you wish to have a pastor from another church participate in your wedding, you will have to discuss this possibility with your SBC pastor.
  • You must have a Wedding Coordinator present at the rehearsal and the day of the wedding.


  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the church building, including the restrooms and dressing areas.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be served, nor are they allowed on the church property.
  • Bird seed, rather than rice or confetti, may be thrown outside the building as the bridal couple departs.
  • Bubbles and/or flower petals may be used–outside the building only. 


  • The bride/groom must complete and return the Wedding Reservation Application and Preliminary Wedding Questionnaire. Once this is submitted the date will tentatively be put on the church calendar, and the pastor will contact the couple for their initial interview.
  • A deposit of $100 must accompany the Application.
  • Dates will be considered in the order in which requests are received in the church office and will be granted with the approval of the pastors.


  • $100 Application Fee paid directly to the church.
  • $150-$275 Custodial Fee paid directly to the custodian.
  • $75-$100 Spotswood musicians paid directly to each musician.
  • $50-$75 Sound Equipment fee paid directly to sound the technician.
  • $50-$75 PowerPoint equipment fee paid directly to the technician.
  • Only church owned candelabras may be used.
Straight Candelabra (7 candles) $35/pair
Spiral Candelabra (14 Candles) $50/pair
Aisle Candles (1 candle each) $25/pair
Unity Candle (3 candles)) $18
Candle Lighters $10/pair
Hurricane Globes/Pillar Plates $40/12 sets
Kneeling Bench $15


  • SBC will schedule receptions in the Fellowship Hall for weddings with fewer than 150 guests.
  • The kitchen and its equipment are under the supervision of the Food Services Director. Any questions concerning the use of the kitchen should be directed to that individual.
  • All food items for the reception must be provided by the Wedding Party or Caterer.
  • SBC does not provide decorations or food service articles for the reception. 

This web page is only a summary of the Guidebook available for those interested in having their ceremony at Spotswood Baptist Church. Please come to the church office and get a complete copy, filled with our policies, application, fees and contact information.