Why become a member?

Becoming a member of a local church once you have become a follower of Jesus is an extremely important step in your walk with God. Spotswood offers membership for those interested in joining us and who have professed a faith in Jesus.

If you would like to know more about becoming a follower of Jesus, watch this short presentation.

How to become a member

If you haven’t yet, come visit us a few Sundays, get to know us and check out a Discover Spotswood class. Discover Spotswood is a four-week class which meets on Sundays during one of the services, that gives you an overview of who Spotswood is, what we do and where we’re headed. This is a great way to get any questions you have about us answered. You can check the church calendar to see when the next class will begin.

Once you’ve decided that you would like to join, we offer an altar call at the end of every Sunday service which is a great opportunity for you (and your family, if applicable) to come and let us know and begin the process.

We’ll ask you a few questions, take some time to get to know you and confirm that you understand what being a follower of Jesus means and that you have been baptized. If you are a member of another church currently, we will send a transfer of membership letter for you.

We hope you’ll consider joining our family! If you’d like to learn more about us and our beliefs, below are a few helpful links.

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