Spotswood WiFi Update


Spotswood Family,

In order to provide a more robust online experience on the Spotswood campus, we have made a change to our WiFi. You may have already noticed that beginning Sunday, November 1 the SPOTSWOOD WiFi was replaced with SPOTSPUBLIC. This change allows you to browse many sites while on campus. The Internet is being carefully and thoroughly filtered for your safety.

You do not need a username or password for this access. If you have been using SPOTSWOOD with a username and password, please use SPOTSPUBLIC now. If you need access to a particular site that has been blocked, please follow the link at the bottom of the page to request access.

Remember, if you are dependent upon WiFi for teaching, please make sure you can access needed sites and apps before Sunday morning as requests for access are handled Monday – Thursday.

Thank you,

Spotswood Baptist Church